Enola Gay Hangar

We have now completed the remainder of the curved roof on the B-29 'Enola Gay' Hangar.  Technically, this was originally the 393rd Squadron hangar of the 509th Composite Group.  The hangar was taken over by the 216th Base Unit (special) and their B-29's which were used for all the test drops of both the Little Boy and the Fat Man prototypes.


We have received a generous grant from the State of Utah and need to match those funds.  Our intention when we raise the necessary money is to bring the power, water and sewer back to the building.  Our objective is to refurbish the men's and women's restrooms to an operational condition.


The pictures show the east side exterior doors.  Thanks to a very generous donation by Craig Moyes and the SME Steel Corporation, these doors were taken down, straightened and bent metal members replaced.  After more than 70 years, we're still able to open them by hand.  The interior photo shows the completed roof and doors.  The North side of the hangar is shown with the contractor trucks getting ready to pull out.

We've also moved the F-86L into the B-29 hangar and expect to have more displays there in the near future.




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