Dummy Ordnance Work

Wow - you could help ready vintage ordnance for display!

  • Patch and primer - the metal casings are damaged during the demilitarization process and need to be patched and readied for painting
  • Sanding - dummy ordnance needs to be sanded to be readies for the painting process
  • Painting - dummy ordnance needs to be repainted to properly portray World War II aviation ordnance.



Plan A Visit!

Come out to Historic Wendover Airfield and learn about our unique history.  Walk where they walked.

Address:  352 S. 'A' Street (Airport Way), PO box 104 Wendover, UT 84083

Hours of Operation:  The museum is open from 11 to 4 Monday to Friday, and open 10 to 5 on Saturday.  Summer Saturday hours are 9 to 5.  Closed on Sunday.  The Fixed Base Operator (FBO) is open 7 days a week from 8 to 6.