Movies Filmed at Wendover Airfield

Wendover Airfield has served a backdrop for several Hollywood productions. Here is a list of recent movies that were filmed fully or in part at Wendover Field, with their release years.


Hulk (2003)
Starring Jennifer Connelly,
Eric Bana,
Sam Elliott.


The Core (2003)
Starring Hilary Swank,
Aaron Eckhart,
Bruce Greenwood.

Independence Day

Independence Day (1996)
Starring Will Smith,
Harry Connick Jr.,
Jeff Goldblum.

Mulholland Falls

Mulholland Falls (1996)
Starring Nick Nolte,
Jennifer Connelly,
John Malkovich.

Con Air

Con Air (1995)
Starring Nicolas Cage,
John Malkovich,
John Cusak.


Wind (1992)
Matthew Modine,
Jennifer Grey.


Experiment (1984)

Starring Michael Pare,
Nancy Allen.




A few films were made that detailed events at Wendover, specifically Project Silverplate and the 509th Composite Group, but not filmed Wendover Airfield.

Above & Beyond

Above And Beyond (1952)
Starring Robert Taylor,
Eleanor Parker.



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