Bomber Group Training

The following bomb groups trained at Wendover Airfield. The restoration committee is now working to gather information on all the squadrons and groups. Anything that you could contribute to this cause will be very much appreciated.


Bomb Group Squadrons  Aircraft Dates at Wendover Website
100th 349th, 350th, 351st, 418th B-17 Nov 1942 - Jan 1943 100th Bomb Group
302nd 355th, 356th,357th, 420th B-24 Jul 1942 - Sep 1942 302nd Bomb Group
306th 367th, 368th, 369th, 423rd B-17 Apr 1942 - Aug 1942 306th Bomb Group
308th 373rd, 374th, 375th, 425th B-24 Oct 1942 - Nov 1942 308th Bomb Group
379th 524th, 525th, 526th, 527th B-17 Dec 1942 - Feb 1943 379th Bomb Group
384th 544th, 545th, 546th, 547th B-17 Jan 1943 - Apr 1943 384th Bomb Group
388th 560th, 561st, 562nd, 563rd B-17 Jan 1943 - Apr 1943 388th Bomb Group
393rd Replacement Training Unit B-17 Apr 1943 - Jun 1943 393rd Bomb Group
445th 700th, 701st, 702nd, 703rd B-24 Jun 1943 - Jul 1943 445th Bomb Group
448th 712th, 713th, 714th, 715th B-24 Jul 1943 - Sep 1943 448th Bomb Group
451st 724th, 725th, 726th, 727th B-24 Jun 1943 - Sep 1943 451th Bomb Group
456th 744th, 745th, 746th, 747th B-24 Jun 1943 - Jul 1943 456th Bomb Group
457th 748th, 749th, 750th, 751st B-17 Dec 1943 - Jan 1944 457th Bomb Group
458th 752nd, 753rd, 754th, 755th B-24 Jul 1943 - Sep 1943 458th Bomb Group
461st 764th, 765th, 766th, 767th B-24 Jul 1943 - Oct 1943 461th Bomb Group
464th 776th, 777th, 778th, 779th B-24 Jul 1943 - Aug 1943 464th Bomb Group
467th 788th, 789th, 790th, 791st B-24 Aug 1943 - Sep 1943 467th Bomb Group
489th 844th, 845th, 846th, 847th  B-24 Oct 1943 - Apr 1944 489th Bomb Group
490th 848th, 849th, 850th, 851st B-24 Oct 1943 - Dec 1943 490th Bomb Group
494th 864th, 865th, 866th, 867th, 373rd B-24 Dec 1943 - Apr 1944 494th Bomb Group
509th CG 393rd, 320th B-29 Nov 1944 - May 1945 509th Comp Group

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